A Support System To Its Team Members At Unicity Franchise Business

Reaching the rank of Presidential Diamond in my Unicity Franchise Business was a milestone in my life. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone. Hundreds of my Unicity Franchise Team Members have made me a Diamond.

Since Unicity allows it’s Franchise Partners with Diamond rank and above to develop and run a support system for their team, I sincerely feel that it is time now to give back what I can to my team. Distributors are passionate people and it is their strength. Professionalism will have to be added to it. They require help here.  

Tools, Updates, Communication, Motivation, Training, Fellowship and what not. All these are essential to bringout the best in a distributor. When he develops a high value for himself through the great Unicity products that really work, it is also equally important to grow in value to others through personal development.

So Global Fortune Creators is born. I am confident that it will grow and meet your expectations.

Register yourself on this website, explore the contents, use them and send suggestions on how we can do better.

B. Chandra -

B. Chandra

Presidential Diamond at Unicity Franchise Business
CEO & Founder at Global Fortune Creators

Please Note: As a Presidential Diamond, Mr Chandra is eligible to create his system to  support his team as per the norms laid down by Unicity. The contents and the tools of GFC have the approval from Unicity.