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Multi-Functional and Revitalizing Drink for Vigorous Health and Taste

The crafting of different types of teas continued to change over time. Unicity’s indigenously made Unicity ACTIVATE, with botanical extracts is very unique.

Unicity ACTIVATE’s characteristic, includes a different taste and diverse health benefits with a feel of well-being.

Whether you prefer spicy or sweet, tangy or fruity, ACTIVATE is bound to offer you the perfect culmination with a scintillating aroma that not only soothes the senses, but also rejuvenates you. It’s an exclusive combination made better with the Licorice extract, Chi-Oka Matcha, Green tea extract, Garcinia extract, Ginger extract and Piperine.

Unicity ACTIVATE comprises of Licorice extract -beneficial for respiratory health, colon and liver support, acts as a mild laxative, relieves acid in stomach, aids in relieving heart burn and indigestion.

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